Dear Mary,

The box arrived from you a few moments ago.  I can't explain why I was so excited when I was untying the silver cord, except to say that I knew the portraits would be fabulous.  And, oh my goodness, they are absolutely exquisite!  Thank you, Mary.  They are truly beautiful and they will bring all of us such joy.  You are so very talented and I am so thankful that our paths have crossed.



Dear Mary,  The pictures are SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!  Thank you so much for your wonderful work.  You are so talented.  We couldn't be more pleased.  I don't know how we will pick from the pictures!  We will talk soon.  Love, B.

Mary, I am simply weeping. I can't help myself. The close ups are stunning, and the lighting and reflection on the skirt of her gown is gorgeous, especially the B&W's! I could not be more pleased, thanks you sooo much! This will be my weekend, staring at Clarie and enjoying every minute of it!  Nancy

We received Austin's portraits last week and were so surprised they came so quickly.  They are even more terrific when they are printed!  Thank you again!  These portraits will always bring a flood of happy memories!  Thank you!

All the best,



You are so dear! We had a wonderful time with you on Saturday. You are such an expert.... very calm, so kind and warm, so creative and you make everyone feel so comfortable. I truly appreciate  all that you are doing for us. The pictures are unbelievable! I love all of them! I may need your guidance in choosing. Give me a few days to ponder, okay? It is going to be difficult to narrow it down.

Thank you for working on them so quickly :):) It means so much to us that you are a part of this special time.

Lots of Love xoxoxox


Thank you SO SO SO much!!! The pictures are amazing, which doesn't surprise me because you took them! I would love to send some of them out as gifts to my friends who were there and I will let you know which ones ASAP. I can't believe that you had them ready so fast! I hope you're not going too nuts playing Santa Claus. xoxo Rixey

Mary I am freaking --- for SO many reasons!!!

First, I get to relive this extraordinary event

Second, the pictures you got are INCREDIBLE!!!! in spite of your worries about the lighting

Third, the other pictures on your site are among the best photographs I have ever seen ---  I really cannot believe we have lucked out so much in finding ourselves on this path together!

You are an angel and an artist, and these photographs will help us tell the story so that others can understand the power of the program.   These photographs are just remarkable.  In the hands of our marketing professional volunteer, they will be transformed into who knows what kind of fantastic promotional tools.  And, perhaps even more importantly, I anticipate they will be proudly displayed in the homes of the singers to remind them of their accomplishments.

Thank you so much, you have really put the crowning touch on a series of wonderful holiday events and have helped Voices Together launch an exciting new year!

Much love,




THANK YOU!!!!!   Susan

I CAN NOT WAIT TO look through these for hours and to share them with our families and to buy them!!!!

You are amazing, as always.  WOW!!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kerry Anne


I am in complete awe over these images. Working with you is always so easy and the pictures capture the essence of our family beautifully. Wes looks absolutely adorable but Lucy almost steals the show! I love how you captured her young spirit and energy so perfectly. Scott and I will have a hard time narrowing our favorites!

Thank you a hundred times over. I am so excited!



I have been sitting here for the past hour looking at the shower and wedding pictures.

You are just amazing, Mary. I am just mesmerized by your talent. Your photos literally

take my breath away.  Karen

We just received Anna's pictures and OMG!!!!!!  I am

so in love with all of them- just amazingly

perfect-just what we wanted.

Thank you so very much!!

Mary Laura


Suz and I had to wait an extra day, because she's out of town, and we agreed that neither of us would look at the photos until we could do it together, online, from our respective locations.  ;-)

Where do I start?  These are AMAZING.  There are more incredible photos here than have every been taken of us since we've known each other.  We love ALL of them.  Wow you are seriously talented.  I cannot believe this.  It's a gift that will last us the rest of our lives and give joy every day!  Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suz and I now have the (incredibly hard) job of choosing which photos we would like to have prints of.  She gets back in town Wednesday night, and we want to choose together, but I expect we'll have made our choices by the end of the weekend, at the latest.Thank you so much for the gift of your art.  We're both simply...stunned.

Much love,


Thank you, thank you!!! I’ve only had time to go through them one time!! They are wonderful!!! More tears in my eyes!! You are so gifted!! Jeanmarie

Dear Mary,

Thank you so much! I am forwarding the log on information to my Dad to see about ordering prints.   It is rare for me to like a picture of myself, but these are beautiful.  Thanks so much!  Jessica

They are all simply gorgeous, but how on earth are we going to choose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did a terrific job.Thank you, thank you thank you!



Hi Mary,

Wow I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures! They are so good! You are so good at what you do! I felt like I wasn't sure we were going to get any good ones of the four of us but they are so cute. I hope you are doing well and thank you again!!!

Love always,


Omgoodness....Ben's photos are amazing!! Thanks so much!! I will definitely order a package....Additionally,I hoped to use a photo for an announcement. Tell me how best to proceed here...We will be in touch on the actual photo for Year Book...We are having a difficult time deciding!!  Ann

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